Nourish your Love with this Pair of Graceful Cranes

Feng Shui Art - Nourishing Partnership

Feng Shui Art - Nourishing Partnership

Feng Shui is all about the way we feel and act, and how that is affected by the environment that surrounds us.  By learning how to organize the elements in our personal space, Feng Shui practitioners aspire to improve their lives through achieving balance with nature. 

In this engaging portrait of two cranes, Feng Shui art is more about the mystical belief in cosmic harmony.  This pair of nourishing cranes is the ideal portrait of undying love, since cranes are known to mate for life.  In addition to their longevity, Japanese culture also celebrates cranes as a symbol of honor and good fortune.  Here, the artist uses a red background, representative of harmony and graceful calligraphy strokes to spell the word “Love”.  Feng Shui art that includes such iconic symbolism is believed to create stronger, more fulfilling relationships, making this the perfect piece of art for the bedroom.

In Japan, the crane is said to live for 1,000 years; hence the use of two red-crowned cranes on the design for the 1,000 yen note.  Often used in the Japanese art of origami, it is said that a person who folds 1,000 paper cranes will be granted his or her most fervent wish.  

Chinese culture also features the red-crowned crane in many myths and legends.  For example, in Taoism, a red-crowned crane is the symbol for immortality.  This is evident in Chinese art and literature, where a mortal who achieves immortality is often shown riding off on the back of a crane.  Also a symbol of Chinese nobility, the red-crowned crane is found on the tombs of the Shang Dynasty and on the Zhou Dynasty’s ceremonial bronze statues. 

Bestow this everlasting love on your home environment, or give this lovely print to a newly married couple, and find inspiration from the elegance and nobility of this pair of nourishing cranes.  This black-framed Feng Shui classic, “Nourishing Partnership”  is trimmed in gold and measures 9 ¾” x 12” under glass.

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