What is a pendulum? The pendulum is an important tool to assess the status of the seven main energy systems known as chakras.

A pendulum is one of the oldest and simplest methods of obtaining information intuitively. It is a highly reliable communication tool between the subconscious mind and the electromagnetic fields of the aura. It acts as a powerful antenna that receives vibrational information from the energy waves present in all things.

The use of crystals and stones in pendulums has evolved through research with proven results. Einstein and Davinci used pendulums with great accuracy. By refining and polishing gemstones into various shapes, the stones became better conduits of intelligence and spiritual enlightenment.
We are pleased to offer a wide selection of pendulums and each stone is thought to evoke different qualities that may benefit the user.

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Labradorite is a stone of transformation that imparts strength and perseverance
through times of change. It is believed to balance and protect the aura, raise consciousness and act as a grounding tool. Used for centuries as a healing stone and for supporting greater intuitive abilities, Labradorite fosters clear mindedness and instills confidence in life and universe. It is also believed to foster greater creativity and imagination.

Moss Agate is believed to help clear the aura and promote tranquility and emotional balance. It is represented to promote self expression, communication, and abundance. It balances the energies of mind, body and spirit. The meaning of Moss Agate is also thought to increase confidence and self-esteem.

Carnelian is thought to boost energy, promote calm, tranquility and peace of mind. It is believed to protect against negative energy, increase self esteem and promote prosperity.

This six faceted pendulum is comprised of seven layers of stone, each representing a chakra and the power points of life force in the body that circulate the energy.

Rose Quartz is the stone of love and healing. It is believed to attract unconditional love and opens the heart, encouraging forgiveness and kindness.

Amethyst is a powerful stone of the mind. It promotes calm and clarity and enhances healing and self-realization. Amethyst fosters Attunement to the inner self, balance of the chakras and personal transformation.

Tigers Eye is an excellent centering stone bringing a sense of calm and tranquility from within and protection from negativity. It is also known for its qualities of attracting abundance, harmony and prosperity.

Blue Lapis is believed to offer mental clarity, reasoning and objectivity. It is also used as a focusing tool for meditation and dream analysis.

Aventurine is thought to stimulate new growth, repairing heart ache and balancing energies. It is known to be a powerful conduit of wealth, luck and abundance.


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