Looking for a New Year’s Resolution?

The New Year is here! If you are still searching for the perfect resolution, we have several ideas that may help you in reaching your goals and fulfilling your aspirations for 2012. From Zen Habits by Leo Babauta, these common sense tips are often overlooked in our busy daily routines. With practice, these simple ideas offer a different approach to finding success and may bring you happiness as well.

Select a few ideas that resonate with you and work with one at a time before taking on another. There is no particular order to this list, so browse and select the ones that you would like to work on. While nothing in life is guaranteed, these tips for happiness and productivity may bring a fresh perspective to reaching your true desires this year.

1.Try rising early.
2.Do Less
3.Slow down
4.Practice Patience
5.Practice compassion
6.Find your passion
7.Lose weight
9.Eat healthy
11.Get organized
12.Think positive
13.Simplify your finances
14.Simplify your life
15.Accept what you have
16.Envision your ultimate life
17.Set long term goals
18.Review goals
19.Life mission
20.Plan your big tasks for week and day
21.Maintain focus
22.Enjoy the journey
23.Create a morning and evening routine
24.Develop intimate relationships
25.Eliminate debt
26.Enjoy the simple pleasures
27.Empty your inbox and clear your desk
28.Build an emergency fund
29.Keep a journal
30.Use the power of others
31.Read and read to your kids
32.Limit your information intake
33.Create simple systems
34.Take time to decompress after stress
35.Develop equanimity
36.Spend time with family and loved ones
37.Pick yourself up you’re down
38.Don’t compare yourself to others
39.Focus on benefits, not difficulties
40.Be romantic
41.Lose arguments
42.Get into the flow
43.Be frugal.
44.Single task
45.Learn to deal with detractors.
46.Go outdoors.
47.Retire early.
48.Savor the little things.
49.Be lazy.
50.Help others
51.Be romantic
52.Start small and slow

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