Savor the Textures of this Slate Bamboo Vase

Slate Bamboo Vase

Slate Bamboo Vase

There is something very appealing about the sight of bright spring flowers against the cold flinty texture of a natural slate vase.  But when you add the hand-etched pattern of bamboo leaves on the body of the vase, it becomes a Zen work of art for your Zen home decor.  This Slate Bamboo Vase combines all these elements beautifully.

In contrast to the natural-edged slate on the front of this contemporary vase, the sides are made of a shiny metal with a hand painted patina finish, giving it a fashionable edge.  Its high-touch surface and substantial size makes it the kind of vase interior designers like to feature prominently in an entryway or on a mantle.  Individually hand-split slate reveals natural clefting patterns and warm earthen color beneath the gray.  Because the stone used on this vase is quarried from the earth, no artificial texture or color is needed to enhance the beauty of the slate. That is why the patina of the metal sides adds such a modern quality to the vase. 

The addition of bamboo patterns makes this Zen decor piece even more perfect.  Bamboo has a long tradition in Chinese culture of being a symbol for longevity.  It is also known as the symbol of friendship in India.  Still other Asian cultures believe that humanity emerged from the stem of a bamboo plant.  In the Philippines and the Andaman Islands, legend has it that after a battle of elemental forces, the first man and woman emerged from split bamboo stems.  In Japan, a Shinto shrine is often surrounded by a bamboo forest as a symbolic barrier against evil.

This unique Slate Bamboo Vase is 6” wide, 11” high and 3” wide, and is often displayed with matching bamboo wall sconces.  It is made in the USA and makes a perfect gift.

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