Shoji Dividers and Doors Can Redesign Your Interior Space

shoji dividers + doorsAre you looking for an easy and inexpensive way to give your home a facelift?  Shoji dividers and shoji doors may be the answer.  In fact, they have long been considered the “secret weapon” of professional decorators.  Whether you choose to decorate in Japanese style or you’re just trying to hide clutter, these artistic creations offer a simple solution that adds style to your home.

Most people who are familiar with shoji dividers have a picture in mind of a dark wood paned frame that is lined with translucent rice paper.  While this may still be the most popular style, it is just one of many shoji screens available today.  Japanese designed shoji dividers are made in a variety of fashionable designs, many of which feature monochromatic Japanese prints over solid hinged panels.  Shoji doors are a bit different in that they are designed to be hung in an opening between rooms and slide on tracks like a closet door.  No matter which Asian screen you choose, they all offer privacy without distracting the viewer from the center of the room.

Unlike Chinese and other oriental room dividers, these panels are generally made from rice paper.  Because it is thin enough to let light pass through while maintaining privacy, it is ideal or small spaces.  Also, most shoji dividers and doors are available in many sizes, colors and designs.  The Chinese version is much heavier than Japanese screens, which makes these room dividers much easier to move around the house.  Screens like these were once used to enclose the Buddhist rites and for traditional Japanese tea ceremonies.  Today’s homeowner often chooses these Asian paneled dividers as a replacement for doors or to hide the clutter of a home office.

Homeowners are not the only ones to find shoji dividers useful.  They are also used in contemporary office spaces, hotel lobbies and restaurants.  Many designers choose the ambience of Japanese décor to make an office suite more comfortable and inviting.  There is no doubt they add an element of modernism to any interior space.  Decorating for a new office reception area?  Just a few low profile sofas, a dark wood table, an elegant floral arrangement, Japanese prints and shoji dividers are all that is needed to create a sophisticated space.

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