Slow Down the Pace at Work with a Feng Shui Zen Sand Garden


Feng Shui Zen Sand Garden

The office is not usually a place that one would associate with quiet meditation and Zen gardens, but with this Feng Shui Zen Sand Garden, there is a way to bring a little Zen into your workday.

Zen gardening has its roots across many Asian cultures, and it is something that Westerners have often tried to imitate.  The art of Feng Shui has made headway in Western culture as well.  The problem is, most of us are so fast-paced and frenetic all the time; it is hard for us to slow down and appreciate the art of Zen meditation.  While we generally value the need to live in harmony with nature, we have a conflicting need for instant gratification and the two do not mix. 

Enter the Feng Shui Zen Sand Garden.  It is small enough to sit on a desk or credenza in the office, and by tending to it; one can quiet the mind and temporarily slow the hectic pace of the day.  And if you weren’t born with a green thumb; no worries.  The Feng Shui Zen Sand Garden consists of only sand, stones and a wooden rake, but don’t let its simplicity fool you.  Japanese culture is steeped in symbolism, and this sand garden is no exception.  Here the sand represents the sea, the stones are symbolic of mountains, and the rake allows one to cultivate the garden, creating endless patterns.

The kit comes with white sand, a wooden tray, polished river stones, and a wooden rake.  Measuring only 10” wide by 13” long, the Feng Shui Zen Sand Garden makes a sensational conversation piece for the office, and a unique gift that “hard to buy for” person.

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