Soften Your Décor with a Bamboo-Print Shoji Screen

Japanese Bamboo Print Shoji Screen

Japanese Bamboo Print Shoji Screen


Interior designers and decorators love the idea of partitioning a room into a few smaller, cozy spaces.  This practice makes it easy to divide space in studio apartments, hide the clutter of a home office, and add dimension and scale to lofty rooms. 

For these reasons, the Shoji screen has long been a staple of design, no matter what your décor.  But this particular shoji screen adds an artful twist to the traditional grid pattern of the folding panels. 

Adding a bamboo motif recalls the history and tradition of Japanese art by incorporating the familiar Asian symbol of longevity.  Bamboo is known as one of the “Three Friends of Winter” in Chinese culture, along with the pine tree and plum blossoms, which are admired for their perseverance under harsh conditions. 

Forests of bamboo often surround Japanese Shinto shrines as a sacred barrier against evil, but it doesn’t stop there.  Many Asian cultures believe that humanity emerged from the stem of a bamboo plant.  Cultures from the Philippines to Malaysia all celebrate the mythical legends of bamboo, so it is no surprise that it is a common theme in Zen art and culture. 

This monochromatic screen will create privacy in any room with its rich, zen black finished panels.  Crafted in durable yet lightweight solid wood, each panel is coated with a pressed pulp rice paper, which is fiber-reinforced for longevity.  Our three-panel Shoji room divider measures 51” wide when extended fully, and each panel measures 17” wide and 70 ¼” high. 

Two-way lacquered brass hinges allow the Shoji panels to bend in both direction, and the silk-screened bamboo print design adds an artistic flair to any room.  If you want to add a designers’ touch to your personal space, diffuse light, and soften your décor with a Japanese bamboo motif, this Shoji screen is an excellent choice.

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