Summer Breezes are More Enlightening with Japanese Windchimes

japanese windchimesDo you enjoy the feeling of a warm summer breeze against your skin while soaking up the beauty of your own backyard?  The sound of a gentle wind as it rustles through the leaves on a sultry evening?  Then you may want to add to this sensation by hanging Japanese windchimes on your deck or patio.  There is nothing quite like the soft and enchanting sound make by a gentle breeze as it moves through the delicate bells of a Feng Shui chime.   Just closing your eyes and listening to this music is enough to melt away stress and bring you into a transcendent state of mind. 

 If this makes you want to own your own set of Japanese windchimes, then you are not alone.  People all around the world enjoy the positive energy that is released when these chimes meet the air. Windchimes may seem like a simple thing to buy at your local garden shop, but at the risk of sounding trite, not all chimes are created equal.  There are some hanging chimes that make a clanging or hollow sound and others that are too loud or too jarring to relax the mind.  If you truly want your garden to come alive with the melodic tones of a Zen windchime, then purchase Japanese windchimes from

There are two ways to decorate your garden space with Japanese windchimes from Chopa.  Their best selling chime is the “Feng Shui Chime”, which is made with a beautiful blend of colorful stones in either Rose Quartz or Jade.  Designed to stimulate the listener’s Chi energy, the use of Feng Shui Japanese windchimes are also believed to bring the household good fortune and prosperity.  In general, the practice of Feng Shui is known to break up negative energy in the home by making it easier for positive Chi energy to circulate.  Three platinum colored aluminum tubes are hung on a blackwash ash frame, which is interspersed with natural and synthetic stones to create a graceful 39” long windchime.

Another interesting way to display Japanese windchimes is from the floor up, with a kinetic bell sculpture known simply as “Garden Bells”.  Featuring a weighted stone base and nine shiny brass bells and leaves, this 24” tall musical sculpture will enhance any garden space.

For the best selection of Zen-inspired Japanese windchimes to decorate your sacred outdoor space, look to

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