Table Gongs and Chimes Bering Instant Tranquility

table chimes and desk gongsIt may seem a little far-fetched, but the sound of certain gongs and chimes can cause a physiological response in many people.  Just as noted author William Congreve once said, “Music has charms to soothe a savage breast;” the same could be said about the sound of a gong.

After years of starting my meditation sessions with the sound of a meditation chime, my body has grown accustomed to a “relaxation response” whenever I hear a similar sound.  It is amazing how much a certain sound or scent can immediately transport a person out of their current environment and into a more tranquil state.  In many cases it is all about the associations we make with certain sensations that makes them so impactful in our daily lives.  Just as a morning walk on the beach or a peaceful mountain stream can cause one to relax; a table chime on your desk can provide an “instant escape” from reality.

Here are two of the most popular table chimes and gongs from Chopa:

Tranquility Table Chime

Many people associate the word “tranquility” with nature. Sitting under a big shade tree, listening to birds sing, or walking along the beach with gentle ocean breezes blowing through their hair; whatever it is that makes them feel calm and at ease.  But unfortunately life’s demands usually keep us from leaving the office and finding the nearest mountain stream.  That’s why the ideal gift for a busy executive or stressed-out mom is a Woodstock Tranquility Table Chime.  Not only does this chime offer mellow tones to soothe the mind during periods of stress; its presence is a constant reminder to stop and take a breath; to listen to the voice within.  This chime is made with black and teak finished ash wood and measures 9” tall, featuring 18 silver polished aluminum rods.

Brass Desk Gong

This beautiful brass desktop gong feature a contemporary and stylish stand, which replicates the gongs found in Buddhist temples.  In China, gongs are struck 108 times because it is believed that sentient beings have 108 different types of worries.  The Buddhists believe that upon hearing this gong their worries will cease and wisdom will grow.  In Asian cultures, gongs have been used for thousands of years to chase away evil spirits, heal the sick, invoke spirits of the dead and warn the people of invading armies.

No matter where you place your table chime or desk gong, you can be certain it will be more than a conversation piece.  Remember, the Buddhist teaching is that up on hearing the gong, worries will cease and wisdom will grow.  When used regularly, this could be one of the best investments you’ve made in a while.

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