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Designing By the Book – Your Japanese Dream House

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009
the japanese house

the japanese house

Japanese architecture has always been a fascination for Westerners.  From Zen gardening, to futons and Feng Shui, it’s hard not to notice the subtle influences of Japanese culture on our lives, but Japanese décor is more than just a style of furniture; it is a way of life.

Enter a world where simplicity and clean lines take on a whole new meaning.  Designed with an astute sensitivity to the natural world, Japanese homes emphasize natural fibers, papers, woods and straw in almost every element of décor.  Open and uncluttered, the ideal Japanese house represents the antithesis of most American styles, so it can be a little difficult to pull off without some guidance.

The Japanese House – Architecture and Interiors is the perfect book for anyone with a sincere interest in transforming their physical space into an oasis of Japanese style.  Think tatami mats, shoji-aneled doors, natural woods, Sumi ink paintings, and sleek, low-profile furnishings.  By blending natural textures with shiny lacquered woods, pale oak with rich mahogany, The Japanese House provides the inspiration to stoke the imagination and inspire you to get started.

If 2010 is your year to simplify and transform your living space, reading The Japanese House – Architecture and Interiors is a great place to start.  It will take you on a tour of fifteen masterfully designed Japanese homes that evoke the serenity and style of Zen décor, each of them described in detail and beautifully photographed.  The Japanese House – Architecture and Interiors, by Alexandra Black is available in hardcover.