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Turn Your Garden into an Oasis with this Buddha Fragment

Thursday, August 12th, 2010
buddha statue

Buddha Statue Fragments

It is amazing how a Buddha Fragment can change the whole character of your garden.  Truly an unusual sculpture, this “Fragment Buddha” face is designed to appear as though you captured a valuable fragment of a monumental sculpture. By placing it in the perfect sacred space within your garden, it is instantly transformed.

Since ancient times, Buddha statues have been placed on the grounds of temples and gardens.  It is believed that the strong association between Buddhism and gardening grew out of this tradition.  Many Buddhists believe that the soil in a garden represents the fertile ground of Buddha’s mind or the state of our own internal Karma.  Therefore, the paths within a garden can represent spiritual enlightenment and the change of seasons the changing moods of the mind.

According to Buddhist tradition, a garden Buddha statue should always face north, since the south is associated with Yama, the Hindu god who judges the dead.