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Add Some Color to Your Martial Arts Studio with Tatami Grappling Mats

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010
Tatami Grappling Mat

Before you start learning Judo, Karate, Jujitsu or Aikido, you will need to invest in some dense yet portable grappling mats. These Zebra Tatami Grappling Mats are known as the premier mat for the martial arts student.  They are used by virtually every martial arts training center because of how well they absorb shock and offer protection from throws, stumbles and take downs.  These firm vinyl-coated mats are tatami-textured and utilize superior 14lb multiple foam density technology.  The 1.5” thick surface allows for quick movement and provides a sure footing for even the most advanced fighting styles.

Zebra is the premier manufacturer of colorful tatami grappling mats that can be laid down in various patterns and grids.  Many martial arts studios custom order their colors to match the team’s logo.  The bottom of each mat is covered with a hand bonded anti-slip rubber material.  (more…)