Tatami Bed Mats Let You Sleep in Simple Comfort

tatami bed matsAre you someone who needs a tightly woven, firm mattress in order to get a good night’s sleep?  Well, you’re not alone.  Millions of people around the world cannot sleep well unless they have a firm sleeping surface made of all natural materials, and many of them are choosing a Japanese tatami bed instead of a traditional mattress.  The simple comfort of tatami bed mats placed on a low-profile platform frame are so popular, they are poised to become the “new futon”.

Low profile Tatami beds are often paired with all natural tatami bed mats for the ultimate in comfort and style.  Because they are made with the finest all natural materials, each embodies the Zen principles of harmony with nature.  Their design themes are simple and beautiful without being distracting, and they make any sleeping area more peaceful as a result.

Tatami bed mats have been used in Japan for hundreds of years, and use a construction method that is similar to the structure of tatami floor mats.  They start with four layers of natural fiber, which is covered with a tightly-woven rush straw that has a soft, woven texture and a pleasant natural aroma.  Long a staple of Asian homes, tatami mats often become an integral part of a room’s design, as they are positioned on the floor using traditional patterns.  They were originally used only for Japanese nobility, but over time they have come to symbolize the Asian aesthetic in home décor.

Used for centuries to create an inviting and soft environment in Zen rooms and tea houses, these Japanese tatami bed mats fit perfectly on a tatami bed frame.  Chopa.com is an excellent source for tatami bed mats, as well as tatami mats for floors.  Their mats are made in the Far East by authentic tatami craftsmen and many are sale priced.

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