The Perfect Reminder that Every Crisis Can Really Be an Opportunity

Crisis & Opportunity - Deluxe Framed Print

Crisis & Opportunity - Deluxe Framed Print

You may have seen the popular expression “Every crisis is an opportunity” on inspiration posters around the office, but did you know this saying has its roots in Chinese calligraphy?  In choosing the symbolism for this word “crisis”, the Chinese used an interesting pictorial language.  This framed “Crisis and Opportunity” print is based on the characters for “crisis” which, ironically, can be interpreted as “danger” and “opportunity”.

The ancient Chinese were wise enough to realize that no matter how difficult the circumstance or how dangerous the situation, a tremendous opportunity lies within the heart of every crisis. Hence, the phrase written below the characters on this print: “Every crisis is an opportunity”.  While this may seem like wishful thinking to someone who is facing a real crisis, it proves the power of the human spirit to persevere and see the real lesson in every situation. 

Finding the opportunity that lies in the midst of every crisis is a key ingredient in stress management, and it is even more apparent when we think in terms of a mid-life crisis.  When facing the disillusionment, disappointment and restlessness that often mark a mid-life crisis, one can choose to use this time for soul-searching and self evaluation.

Instead of wallowing in fear and unhappiness, this Crisis & Opportunity print will serve as a constant reminder to learn from every life experience.

This deluxe poster is printed on premium stock, matted under glass, and framed in a hardwood cherry finished frame.  It is 12” x 15” and ready to hang wherever you need inspiration.  Makes a great gift for Father’s Day!

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