The Shoji Screen – Still a Modern Choice for Home Interiors

shoji screens modernIf you’re still looking for that special decorator piece that will tie a large room together, it may be a lot simpler than you think.  Instead of shopping at an art gallery or hiring a professional decorator, consider a shoji screen to add a modern look to your home.

Americans are intrigued by the subdued palette and low-profile furnishings that come out of Asia, as evidenced by the obsession with Feng Shui and Zen décor.  It’s not uncommon to see Japanese furniture in a hotel lobby or modern office suite, but designers will often use elements of Asian design in home living spaces too.  The most recognizable piece of furniture that fits this décor is the shoji screen, a modern yet timeless piece that is both functional and attractive.  Any designer will tell you that it is the modern Japanese shoji screen that has captured the imaginations of homeowners around the globe, and it is the easiest way to add a fashionable touch to your home interior.

Shoji screens are more common in modern homes, but they are also a popular way to divide up the space in a loft-style studio apartment.  Even small business owners use these decorative screens in lieu of cubicle walls to give employees a private work space, and they are a perfect way to hide the clutter of a home office.  Once you start shopping for shoji screens, you will notice that the selection is much better today than it once was; for example, many screens use a patterned background or Japanese print on the panels instead of a rice paper screen.

Traditionally shoji screens were used for formal Japanese tea ceremonies, dances, religious ceremonies and other Japanese customs, with different types of screens used for each occasion.  Some were simple, like the shoji screens used in modern homes today, and others were quite ornate and covered with gold leaf.  It wasn’t until today’s furniture designers took off with this concept that it became the phenomenon that it is today, with shoji screens that incorporate modern and unusual design elements.

Today’s shoji screens are just as likely to be the only piece of Japanese furniture that a family owns as they are to be part of contemporary Asian-inspired room.  They have a way of breaking up the space in a room while adding a stylish touch.  For the best selection of shoji screens and other modern Japanese furniture, shop at

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