This month we explore the sixth of the seven energy systems, the third eye or brow chakra. “Ajna” is the Sanskrit name and its translation means “beyond wisdom.”  It is located in the center of the forehead, just above the eyes.  Air and the color Indigo, a rich blue/violet are the associated elements for this chakra. The musical note is D.

The third eye chakra governs our center of intuitive abilities including rational thought and wisdom.  This chakra which powers our intuition is called the “third eye.” As our two eyes view the physical world, the third eye senses and visualizes what is yet to be. The 6th chakra is the center of imagination, optimism and spiritual awareness.  It allows us to gain insight from life’s challenges, to see and understand the “big picture,” and to discern what is right and wrong through perceptive reasoning.  The power of optimism is in play when you consciously choose to make the best of a difficult situation, trusting that a power beyond your understanding is always at work.  Buddha said “Wisdom arises through effort and disappears through lack of effort.” When open and functioning optimally, that “inner knowing” affords us the ability to make “clear headed” decisions.

A balanced chakra allows a keen sense of clarity with the ability to visualize creative ideas through imagination.  As a center of wisdom and intelligence, the brow chakra promotes the development of learning and retention, the makings of a good student!  It fosters the ability to see beyond the obstacles in our daily lives and to find alternatives to accomplish the most challenging goals.  We remember our dreams and often spend time visualizing our future and mapping our future path in life.

We experience similar thoughts and feelings on a daily basis “I knew this was the right decision” or “I had a good feeling about that person” or “I just knew this was the job for me.”  This is your 6th chakra providing you with the necessary insights to follow the inner- self without fear.  Acknowledging and trusting those important signals strengthen your intuitive abilities, fosters self-evaluation of where you are in life, how you got there and visualizing where you see yourself in the future.   Listening to others’ ideas without critical judgment, feeling secure with yourself and relying on divine intervention are signs of healthy 6th chakra energy.

An unbalanced chakra is often characterized by feeling mentally “blocked”, unable to visualize the big picture, making decisions based solely on logic, experiencing headaches or nightmares.  Have you ever been told to “come down from the clouds?”  This is not unusual with an under functioning 6th chakra.  The inability to concentrate, remember or not being able to grasp a solution to life’s daily problems are also indicative of an imbalance.

When the 6th chakra is overactive, a person will appear egotistical, domineering and manipulative.   These people will react critically to others, perceiving misplaced emotions are directed at them.  The result is becoming “closed minded” to new ideas and opportunities and thereby inhibiting future intuitive and spiritual growth.  Sixth chakra growth is stymied when behavior patterns are denied. We don’t permit ourselves to accept that we don’t know everything.   When we cannot acknowledge the validity of new ideas or new ways of living that are different to us, we “close our minds,” essentially shutting ourselves off from the power of mental energy that is available to us.

To balance your 6th chakra, be mindful of your thoughts and stay in the present moment.  Try to recall a dream from last night and keep a journal.  You may be surprised at the recurring themes they take!  Wear a shade of indigo or place accents in your room or office as a reminder.  If you meditate, focus your attention on the location of your third eye with the intention of developing your intuitive skills. Be aware of the images that come to you.
The gemstones for this chakra are lapis, sapphire, sodalite and amethyst.  If you burn incense, try vanilla, anise or jasmine which is thought to improve mental clarity.  Grounding activities such as dance, exercising and being outdoors are helpful in aligning the energy centers and “getting you out of your head”.   Try eating indigo colored foods such as purple grapes, plums, eggplant or grape juice.

To enhance your “third eye” power center, channel your synergistic energies by taking time each day to visualize.  Journal your thoughts, predictions and visual images that come to you and over time, you will begin to see how your intuition plays a bigger role in your life and how your decision making skills have changed.  Your intuitive powers and sense of mental clarity are enriched through practice and acknowledgement of listening to the inner-truth with confidence and without fear.
In the next issue, we explore the last of the seven energy centers, the crown chakra.

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