The Way of the Heart

“Home is where heart lies” is the essence of our desire to live in an enduring harmony amidst a world of frequent demands and stress. What started as a journaling exploration seeking truth of the heart soon became an unfolding transformation from ancient times for best-selling author Terah Kathryn Collins. Her journey in rediscovering and sustaining the way of the heart is inspired from The Three Sisters of Tao; Chinese medicine, I Ching and Feng Shui, all three born of Tao, which is translated as “The Way.”

Terah Kathryn Collins founded the Western School of Feng Shui and is the originator of Essential Feng Shui which focuses on its many beneficial applications while honoring the essence of its Eastern heritage.

I-Ching places the heart at the core of the matter. She directs us to enact kindness into every thought, word and action; a universal karmic law that brings blessings into our lives. Calling forth the full expression of your true self, she harmonizes the union of our heart and mind and reveals the unseen world of loving help.

Feng Shui gathers the wisdom of her sisters, Chinese medicine and I-Ching and brings it home to the heart. We are encouraged to create personal sanctuaries that can hold our true self in place. Feng Shui nestles your surroundings with a rhythmic resonance, opening you to the living symphony of sacred space – your home within the greater universe of harmony.

Offering helpful guidance and direction through essential pearls of wisdom, meditations and introspective exercises, this book will create the opportunity to dive into your true self, embrace your creative genius and dance with the Sisters on a path paved with serenity, kindness, pleasure and love; all leading to the way of the heart.

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