The Zen Timepiece Clock

The Zen Timepiece Clock with Brass Bowl Gong

The Zen Timepiece Clock with Brass Bowl Gong

Mornings can be the most hectic and stressful time of the day.  Why not awaken to the exquisitely graceful and subtle gongs of this acoustic brass bowl Zen Timepiece Clock?  Let the beautiful sounds summon your consciousness gradually and begin your day in a state of bliss. 

When the alarm is triggered on this beautiful timepiece, the gong strikes just one time.  Then, automatically, it strikes again in 3 ½ minutes… and then again in 2 minutes, and then in one minute.  Japanese Zen masters believe that progressive awakening is the only way to start the day. 

As a result of fifteen years of product evolution, this clock’s brass-bowl gong is hand-crafted to fill your home with long-resonating acoustic gongs that summon serenity and mindfulness.  Besides using this clock as an alarm, the Zen Timepiece is also an aesthetically pleasing and sophisticated device for practicing meditation, yoga, bodywork, or any other activity where a tranquil environment is needed. 

When practicing yoga, the Zen Timepiece’s gong timer can guide you through your practice by periodically signaling a change in poses.  It can also strike the gong on-the-hour, a delightful way to practice “mindfulness” in the home or office. 

Volume controls on the clock’s gong can be adjusted over a wide range of sounds, from the soft and subtle ring tone to bolder gongs that can be heard throughout the house. 

Available in either clear maple wood finish or reddish-brown cherry, the Zen Timepiece Clock runs on two “C” batteries, and measures 4 ½ inches tall by 9 ½ inches wide.  Also included is a 40-page booklet detailing the clock’s many uses and its harmonic design.

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