Wear a Piece of Zen-Inspired Art with this Bamboo Pendant

Quiet Moment Bamboo Pendant

Quiet Moment Bamboo Pendant

Wearing an exquisite piece of Tibetan Zen Buddhist jewelry has a way of changing one’s mood, enlivening spirits and helping the wearer remember to live in the moment.  With this extraordinary new collection of bamboo pendants, women can wear a symbol that recalls the days of graceful Geishas and natural scenes by 18th century Japanese artists.  These hand-made mixed-media pieces are expertly crafted in the USA with beads made from hand-rolled metallic paper and strung with complementary colored wire.  The whole piece is strung on a comfortable cotton cord with adjustable sliding bead knots.

A favorite among many delightful Zen-inspired designs is the Quiet Moment Bamboo Pendant.  Perhaps it is the calm and pensive look on the Geisha’s face that brings this woodcut image to life, or the way it is mounted on a single bamboo tile.  Women enjoy the artistic composition of a small picture tile against metallic beads and cotton rope cord, and how it complements almost any wardrobe. The Quiet Moment Bamboo Pendant is one of 3 images available from Chopa and it is hand signed by the artist.

Paired with the patterned edges of chiyogami paper, these bamboo pendants are truly unique.  Chiyogami paper was originally by designed papermakers in the Edo period and incorporated woodblock images to decorate home interiors.  The color schemes are based on the brightly colored textiles used in kimonos.   The paper was meant to be cut into pieces and applied to tea tins or paper dolls, which explains why the scale of the pictures is small enough to be used in handcrafted jewelry.  In addition to nature scenes and Geishas, chiyogami images can depict symbolic images such as cranes for long life, plum blossoms for beauty and bamboo for flexibility.

This Quiet Moment Bamboo Pendant is triple-coated with UV resistant sealer for moisture resistance and durability.  The black cotton cord of the pendant comes is made with an adjustable-length sliding bead clasp, which can adjust to any size up to 24″. The pendant itself measures 2 1/4″ tall and 1″ wide, and comes in a gift box.  Makes a unique gift!  See all our Zen, Buddhist and Japanese inspired jewelry.

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