What Can Shoji Dividers Do for Your Rooms?

shoji dividers + roomsIt’s funny how one day we can love the look of our home, and the next day every room looks like it needs a facelift.  Short of splurging on a lot of new furniture and room décor, Shoji dividers can make rooms look more organized and unique.  When you infuse your home with stylish Japanese Shoji dividers, rooms take on a sensuous and elegant look that is not easy to achieve in other ways.

What are some of the key features of Shoji dividers?

Shoji room dividers are more than just solid panels that break up a room; they are usually made with opaque Shoji screen panels that let in diffused light through creamy rice paper or vellum.  The dividers can be made from 3 or 4 panels that are connected by a series of hinges.  The best Shoji dividers are made from solid pine wood frame construction and they fold up easily for storage.  In fact, they are one of the few decorating items that combine high fashion and function.  A simple repositioning of the lightweight wood screens can hide piles of laundry, paperwork and other clutter in a pinch, and they also offer overnight guests the same privacy they would expect at their own home.

Which rooms look best with Shoji dividers?

The sleek black Shoji dividers most commonly found in Japanese furniture stores provide the perfect backdrop in a living room, or as a divider between a living room and dining room.  When placed in a “great room,” they are often used to separate a home office or craft and hobby area.  But not all Shoji dividers are made with black lacquer and white rice paper.  Some are solid wood laminate with a piece of Japanese art, others are made with blond woods and various textures, making them perfect for a bedroom or office.

Shoji room dividers add interest to almost any room because they redirect the eye to a central focal point that is closer to the center of the room.  Taller than most furniture, they also make a room feel cozy and private.  Interior designers rely on a combination of Shoji dividers and plants to break up a space and add a variety of textural effects.

If you’re looking for an excellent section of Shoji dividers for your home, the best place to shop is at Chopa.com.  Here you will find several different styles of room dividers ranging from the bold and artistic to traditional rice paper panels, all at affordable prices.

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