What Goes Best With Tatami Furniture?

tatami furnitureWhen tatami furniture was first introduced, it was the long-awaited answer to decorating a tatami room, but it has become a whole lot more.  People who love Japanese furniture often seek out tatami furniture for its ease and simplicity.  Starting with a foundation of organic fiber tatami mats, one might think it wouldn’t matter what you put on top, but it’s important to keep the rest of the room just as restful as the flooring.  Whether it’s a low-profile table topped with a Ginza paper table lamp, a soft futon mattress on a platform bed, or a subtle Japanese print, tatami furniture often has the same organic character as the flooring beneath.

Rather than focusing this article on the actual pieces of furniture, such as platform beds and shoji screens, I will make some suggestions for ways to accessorize a tatami room.  What goes best with tatami furniture?  Here are some unique options to consider.

Himalayan Ionic Natural Salt Lamp

Tatami furniture tends to be monochromatic and neutral, so this lamp will bring the warmth and tranquility of an amber glow.  Made from ionic salt crystals that are known to emit negative ions, these lamps naturally refresh the air while helping to reduce stress.

Feng Shui Zen Sand Garden

Nothing brings a room to life like these simple sand gardens, which can actually be used as a form of meditation.  Zen gardens take one’s mind off of mental turmoil and the pressures of the day by focusing on something as simple as creating patterns in the sand around small river stones.  Enjoy this ancient tradition by placing a Zen garden amidst your tatami furniture.

Plum Blossom Brush Painting

This beautiful work of art is just another reminder of the serenity enjoyed by the Zen masters.  Sumi ink paintings are known for their delicate brush strokes and organic subject matter, both of which complement the organic look of tatami furniture.

These are just a few examples of the unique home furnishings you will find at Chopa.com.  When it comes time to create a peaceful oasis in your home, this is the place to get your tatami furniture and attractive accessories.

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