What is the Latest Fashion for Spring? Shibori Silk Scarves

shibori silk scarvesA fashionable woman is always looking for that “signature” item that will define her style for the coming season.  Whether it’s a one-of-a-kind handbag, a beautiful handmade pendant or a stunning silk scarf, this single accessory can dictate the colors she chooses for a seasonal wardrobe while giving her a unique sense of style.  The addition of Shibori silk scarves can do wonders for a woman’s spring fashion ensembles. These beautiful hand-dyed works of “wearable art” can jazz up a monochromatic outfit or act as the finishing touch that ties various pieces together.

Unlike many other popular accessories for women, Shibori silk scarves are not mass-produced; each scarf is a one-of-a-kind creation that is hand-made by the artist, one at a time.  The Japanese word “shibori” refers to the art of dying cloth by binding, folding, stitching, and twisting the fibers.  Because each of these beautiful shibori silk scarves is unique, you will never find anyone wearing the exact same scarf. 

When a fabric artist makes Shibori silk scarves, a blend of unique processes are used to imprint hand-dyed designs on fine woven silk chiffon fabric.  The silk is durable, colorfast and hand-washable, but it may also be dry cleaned if desired.  While silk has wonderful insulating qualities, it is light enough to be worn in warm weather.  Measuring 11” x 60”, a shibori silk scarf looks terrific in any season. 

Chopa‘s Shibori silk scarves are made by a U.S.-based artist who powers her studio with environmentally friendly solar and wind power.  She also uses ecologically safe materials throughout every step of her work. To learn more about the colorful and inspired assortment of Shibori silk scarves, visit “What’s New” at Chopa.com.

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