Crazy Talk – The Do What You Love Guide

Imagine the possibilities when you put your dreams into action and make them a reality.  Are you inspired to start a new business?  Become a writer?  Longing to take up painting?  Have a desire to accomplish an educational goal or compete in a marathon?

The amazing realization according to Leo Baubata, author of Zen Habits is that we often rule out the possibility of great change because we don’t think it’s realistic.  The tips listed below are crazy talk in hopes that you will expand your possibilities and realize your dreams.

Start with a small easy test.  Whatever your goal, start with a small test.  Don’t tell anyone, just do it.  Starting is often the most difficult part of the process and by accomplishing this first step; you have now voided the theory that it’s impossible.

Expand your tests.  Do another small test, then another.  You will find your confidence and enjoyment grow.  Make it fun and don’t stress about it.

If you don’t know what you love, don’t worry.  Experiment with something new and different and enjoy the process of becoming skilled at it.  If it doesn’t feel right, try something else.  You will be surprised at how much you enjoy the process of learning and want to try several new things.

Find inspiration. Learn from others who share your passion.  Watch closely and learn from the best.

Reach out to a mentor. Try to meet someone who inspires you and ask for their help in a way that won’t consume a lot of their time, such as when you are having trouble making a big decision.

Choose one passion at random. Pick one or two randomly and just get started. Don’t let choice hinder you.  Get started, because in the end it won’t matter if you started with the wrong passion — you’ll learn something valuable no matter what.

Get good at it. Keep learning.  Read about it, watch videos, take a class, join a group, or find a partner.  Allow your friends and family to be your first audience, readers or customers if applicable.   Your  learning curve will improve faster through feedback and accountability.

Help others. One of the best ways to get good at something is to help others learn.  Making someone’s life better with your new skill is also an amazing way to get satisfaction out of what you do and to love what you do.  Help as many people as you can in any way possible.

Find your voice. As you master your skill, you will discover your unique abilities that make you stand out from everyone else.  It may not present itself  in the initial stages of learning,  but eventually, you will find the voice of expression and then emphasize it.

How can you be valuable?  Doing something for others that will help them. It may be just doing it better than them as a learning opportunity, saving them time or money or making their lives better and more pleasant in some way.

Become an expert. Becoming skilled and assisting others, finding your voice and becoming valuable, will make you become an expert at what you do.  As others seek your guidance, help them.

It’s the doing and loving that matters. Focus on loving what you do, not on achieving certain levels of success.  If you are doing it and you love it, you have already succeeded.  Don’t push yourself so hard to reach goals that you forget to enjoy what you are doing, and in the process, lose the reason you are doing it in the first place.

Dream bigger. Once you have overcome the initial hurdle of fear and getting started, dream bigger. The first stage is small steps, but don’t stop there. You can change lives and doing so will change you.

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