Where You Buy Shoji Screens Really Does Matter

buy shoji screensDesigners, homeowners and college students all agree – shoji room dividers can transform a space with very little effort or expense.  In fact, these space-saving partitions have become so popular that it’s easy to find them almost anywhere.  But depending on where you buy shoji screens, the quality will vary dramatically.

For example, with shoji room dividers being such a popular choice for dividing space in studio apartments, on-campus furniture suppliers often sell them.  Larger furniture store chains have also found this niche item to be a big seller, and have added a selection of shoji screens to their inventory. However, if you want to buy shoji screens that are made with real rice paper, high quality woods or sustainable bamboo, you will want to purchase them from a retailer who deals in authentic Japanese décor. 

One online retailer that sells an impressive selection of shoji décor is Chopa.com.  Chopa devotes several pages of their web site to educating consumers about the art of shoji furnishings, from the quality of the materials used to the richness of their Zen-inspired designs.  They even sell home décor books that show how shoji furnishings can be paired with other Zen pieces for a warm and inviting home environment. 

Customers who buy shoji screens from Chopa can select from a variety of wood stains, including pine, cherry and black lacquer.  The shoji screen frames they sell include 3-Panel and 4-panel hinged partitions, double-cross designs, artistic silk screened designs and Fusuma door sets, among others.  Chopa’s most popular shoji doors and room dividers are made from hand-selected woods and “ocean mist” rice paper, with a Warlon backing.  For the best selection of authentic and affordable shoji décor, it makes sense to buy shoji screens from Chopa.com.

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