Which Meditation Supplies Make the Best Gifts?

meditation suppliesWhen you try to find that special gift for the “person who has everything,” it’s important to find out about their hobbies and favorite pastimes.  If your friend or loved one is into meditation or similar Zen practices, they may need some thoughtful meditation supplies. What do I mean by “thoughtful,” you may ask?  Well, these gift suggestions have both a practical and a luxurious side to them that is sure to appeal to any meditation practitioner.

What are the most popular meditation supplies for gift-giving?

Not surprisingly, good old fashion meditation timers still top the list of favorite meditation supplies, probably because they could be useful in other areas of life – such as determining how much time you will devote to social media and other distractions.  As people progress on their journey in meditation, recording progress becomes very important.   A special meditation timer offers non-jarring way to gradually move from deep meditation to a wakened state of mind.

Meditation supplies might also include Tibetan Tingsha cymbals that have been hand-forged with Tibet’s Auspicious symbols.  Made from a compound of five metals that is similar to bronze, these authentic looking cymbals are known for their deep resonance and wonderful tonal quality.  The 3” Tingsha cymbals found at Chopa.com are handcrafted by Tibetan metal workers who live in the Northern Indian community of Lingtsang.

Don’t let anyone tell you that meditation supplies cannot be a spectacular gift idea.  When you shop at Chopa.com, look for their hand-carved wooden altar known as the “Tree of Life.”  With a sturdy “trunk” base that represents the roots of one’s life and branches spiraling outwards that represents the paths that are taken, this two-drawer chest is ideal for storing small treasures.  People who practice meditation might use the Tree of Life along with a Buddha statue, incense and crystals to create a sacred space or altar where they can meditate. The altar is usually placed in a quiet part of the home where it is easy to relax on a meditation cushion for long periods of time.

For those who prefer soothing sounds as a way to relax, the perfect gift might be a Tibetan singing bowl set.  Not limited to meditation supplies, these bowls are often placed in a sunroom as a conversation piece.  The set includes a 5 or 6 inch hand-pounded brass bowl, a wooden striker and a silk cushion.  Known throughout Asia for their ability to produce high quality harmonic overtones, these unique instruments sound as if they are “singing.”

For the best selection of meditation supplies and unique gifts for the “Zen master” in your life, shop at Chopa.com.

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