Why are Japanese Bed Frames Taking Off?

japanese bed framesIf you’ve never visited a Japanese home, it may be hard to imagine how differently they are decorated than typical Western homes.  Unlike American homeowners, Japanese decorators seek to maximize “white space” and create a peaceful sanctuary within the home.  It should come as no surprise then, that Japanese bed frames would be designed to promote rest and relaxation.

Many people have found that non-traditional mattresses, such as futons and memory foam, are much more conducive to a good nights’ sleep.  Not only do they take up less space and make a room seem less crowded, they are much less expensive.  Traditional mattresses on the other hand can cost thousands of dollars and may not last more than 10 years. For years, decorators have been encouraging homeowners to convert their bedroom to a Zen design, inspired by Feng Shui.

In addition to thick futon mattresses on Japanese bed frames, these restful rooms feature organic fabrics, neutral colors, low-profile furniture and shoji screens.  Lighting is soft and diffused through rice paper shades, and bonsai trees accent the end tables.  For artwork, Japanese interior designers will often use monochromatic calligraphy prints and traditional Japanese woodcuts.

With all of this emphasis on simplicity and minimalism, it is no wonder that Japanese bedrooms immediately are so relaxing.  If you look at a contemporary home magazine, you will find that the spacious sleeping oasis has replaced the chunky bedroom sets.  Younger couples are taking this theme to a new level by choosing Japanese bed frames in elegant hard woods as the foundation for their bedroom designs.

If you choose the Japanese or Zen style of decorating for your home, it all begins with one piece of furniture.  According to Chopa.com, this unique and minimalistic style is a natural for modern sensibilities, but if you still want to add a personal touch, the store offers many complimentary items.  Dark wood tables with Ikebana vases, short Buddha statues, Tibetan gongs and Japanese prints all add a personal touch to a Zen bedroom; but the transformation begins with a Japanese bed frame.

If you want to discover a whole new look for your bedroom, Japanese bed frames make a great foundation piece for your Zen décor.  When shopping for Japanese furniture, keep in mind that natural earth tones and soothing neutrals are the best choices for the bedroom.

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