Why Choose Bamboo Rugs Over Traditional Carpeting?

bamboo rugCreating a Zen-inspired living space in your home may require quite a bit of renovation, particularly if you’re room includes traditional carpeting.  It’s not that a room cannot be Zen-like with regular rugs, but it is customary to use more organic materials.  Many Asian homeowners forgo carpeting altogether in favor of hand-woven tatami mats or hardwood floors, but there is another popular floor covering – bamboo rugs.

If you’ve never seen a bamboo rug, no need to worry.  They’re not considered mainstream in the United States, but they are often used in bedrooms as a small area rug near the futon.  Bamboo rugs can also be seen with casual furnishings as an accent rug.  When considering bamboo rugs for your home, it’s important to look for high quality rugs from a reputable manufacturer.  Properly made, these rugs can last for years and years.

The Benefits of Bamboo Rugs

Compared to traditional rugs, bamboo is easier to clean and maintain.  People who have long-haired dogs are often frustrated by how often they need to vacuum and it seems like their rugs become “hair magnets.”  Bamboo rugs don’t attract hair in the same way as traditional carpets because they don’t retain static electricity.  They are rich looking, easy to clean, and most have a beautiful fabric border to keep the edges secure.

Here are the highlights of bamboo rugs:

  • They are made from 100% durable and renewable bamboo.
  • A non-skid backing keeps the rug in place, and 100% polypropylene borders resist dirt and wear;
  • Traditional bamboo rugs add a touch of organic, practical beauty to any space;
  • Rustic looking slats feature the natural characteristics of the bamboo stalk;
  • Bamboo rugs can be spot cleaned with a damp cloth

If you’re looking for an organically made rug that will coordinate well with any décor, bamboo rugs are an excellent choice.  They are available in many different sizes, and the colors range from pale natural wood to dark brown.

On the rug shown here, the sustainably harvested bamboo slats are kiln dried and finished to bring out the natural details. Coordinated accent stitching in gold and brown complement the bamboo slats and the rug is finished with a chocolate brown border to complete the look. Natural organic style is the hallmark of this distinctive bamboo area rug. Its rich honey tone will create the perfect accessory to finish any room or office.  A ventilated non-slip felt backing keeps the rug in place and provides comfortable cushioning while extending the life of the rug.

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