Why Choose Traditional Hand-Tufted Rugs Over Bamboo?

traditional surya oasis rugThere is much disagreement among home decorators about whether floor coverings should be part of a room’s design.  Many designers subscribe to the belief that patterned rugs are distracting and they draw the eye away from the more dimensional elements of a room’s décor.  Conversely, modern designers tend to enjoy using colors and patterns in carpeting to dictate a room’s overall palette.  Looking at some of the rooms displayed in Architectural Digest or Metropolitan Home, it would seem that both arguments are equally supported by award-winning designs.  Like many other concepts in home décor, the choice of a traditional rug over an organic surface comes down to personal taste.

Area rugs really dress up a room

People who love a specific color theme in a room will tend to use area rugs as an anchor, so to speak, but the rug is not always what dictates the colors.  Oftentimes, designers who enter a home to do a “staging” before an open house will recommend the use of a patterned area rug to give a room that “designers’ touch.”  This works best when the homeowner has already chosen certain colors for walls and window treatments, such as earth tones, but has placed everything on a bare hardwood floor.  In a case like this, the designer would simply determine which 5 or 6 colors dominate the space and make some notes on the overall décor of the room (traditional, modern, artsy, etc.)  Then it’s a simple matter of matching this up to the right rug.  It is amazing how something as simple as this can reinvigorate a tired-looking living area.

Color blocks or free-form patterns?

Surprisingly, even most designers cannot answer this question with any degree of accuracy.  The choice of colors is a whole lot easier than the selection of a pattern.  Fortunately, many carpet designers, such as Surya, offer a dazzling selection of both styles.  With all of these patterns now available online for anyone to see, the right carpet is often just a click away.  Most rug manufacturers make their most popular designs available in multiple sizes, but be sure to measure your space ahead of time so you know what size you need.

Other ways to pull a room together

If your goal is to create more of a “Zen” look to your living space, then a traditional hand-tufted rug might not be the right choice.  Rugs made from bamboo or organic natural fibers are often a better choice, as are tatami mats.  However, this doesn’t mean you cannot pull the colors of your room together in another way.  Many Asian designers and homeowners choose large calligraphy prints or Japanese Sumi ink paintings as an “anchor” for the space.  Others prefer wall tapestries or Noren curtain designs that incorporate the colors of the room.  Large, centrally located Buddha statues and indoor fountains are another way to facilitate energy flow and draw the eye inward.  Inspiration for your home design might also be found in the ancient art of Feng Shui.

Beautiful Surya rugs now on sale at Chopa

Surya, one of the leaders in home decor, offers the latest styles and designs in contemporary rugs and now Chopa Zen Home is offering them at very attractive discount prices.  One of the more popular designs is the Oasis rug, pictured here, with its alluring contemporary design.  Within the fibers of this 100% high pile wool rug are the richest shades espresso, peanut butter, olive, charcoal, raw umber, slate gray and safari tan.  For homeowners who appreciate bold spice colors, neutral tones, natural woods and an earthy palette, the Oasis Rug will fit right in.

Other popular patterns now on sale at Chopa Zen Home include the botanically inspired Cosmopolitan Rug featuring soft shades of bronze, barley and lima bean; and the bold, geometric Basilica Rug featuring spicy shades of praline, auburn, cumin, raisin and cinnamon.  As a special purchase, Chopa bought the remaining available rugs at close-out pricing and is passing the savings along to you at more than 50% off.

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