Zen Room Décor – The Best in Meditation Mats, Chimes & Gongs

 meditation +mats +chimes & gongs +room décorIf you’ve ever tried finding meditation supplies, such as mats, chimes, gongs and other room décor, you know how difficult this can be.  Even in urban areas, there are very few retailers that offer a selection of zabutons, meditation timers and chimes.  As a result, the most reliable place to find these items is online, but how do you know which items are the best?  This article will help you discover the most popular and useful items to decorate your meditation space, and best of all, everything is available in one convenient online store – Chopa.com.

Meditation mats are often known by other names, such as a Zafu and Zabuton set.  Unless you already know this, it’s unlikely you will do a Google search for a new “Zafu,” but these high quality ergonomic cushions are designed to last.  Filled with a natural tree fiber from Indonesia known as Kapok, the outside cover of the Zafu is made of durable cotton twill that can be easy removed for cleaning.  Similarly, the Zabuton mat is made with several layers of cotton batting and a removable zippered cover. Both the Zafu and Zabuton are designed to make meditation more comfortable and relaxing, but they come with the added benefits of being lightweight and portable.

The decision to buy chimes and gongs to aid in meditation usually comes after one incorporates the practice into their daily lives.  Traditionally, Tibetan monks used small Tingsha cymbals to mark the beginning and end of a session, but that can be difficult when one is meditating alone.  Fortunately, meditation timers can be used to do the same thing automatically by setting the time in advance.  Or, for those who simply enjoy the resonant sound of a chime, the Zenergy Meditation chime emits a powerful sound that lasts and lasts.  The rods will seem to ring with the same pitch, but you will notice a distinct pulsation or rhythm – in this case approximately 12 beats per second. Relax, refocus, and rejuvenate with these good vibrations.

If a more authentic looking meditation gong is you desire, a brass and hardwood hanging chime makes a beautiful piece of Zen room décor while offering a distinctive chime.  Not only does this traditional gong look fantastic in a meditation room, it offers a brilliant sound when struck with a mallet.

One of the best sources of meditation mats, chimes and gongs is also a one-stop shop for Zen room décor.  Chopa.com offers a wide range of authentic Japanese and Zen items at affordable prices.

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