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Tatami Mats, Goza Mats and Japanese Bamboo Mats

Japanese Tatami mats have been a basic feature of Asian homes for many decades. The tatami mat was originally meant for the nobility and has now become common in most Japanese style households. Tatami mats have come to symbolize the aesthetics of Asian and Japanese home decor. We offer Tatami mats in various sizes with the traditional rice straw fill.

Chopa offers a large selection of Tatami mats for beds, floors, and rooms which come in several sizes and options, and quantity discounts are available. We offer competitive pricing and quick shipping. FREE SHIPPING (domestic 48 states). Please call or email for quotes to Alaska, Hawaii and Canada. Orders are professionally packed and shipped fully insured with tracking capabilities.

Chopa Zen Home has been a leading supplier of Tatami in the USA since 1994. Shop with confidence!

Tatami bed mats were traditionally used for sleeping. Chopa offers mats made by authentic craftsmen in the Far East. Tatami floor mats have been used extensively throughout Asia and Japan for many years. In order to intensify your immersion into Japanese and Asian culture and increase the effect of your Zen practice, we encourage you to explore adding traditional Tatami room mats to the interior of your home. Our web-based store also offers the highly popular Goza Mat and Bamboo rugs which are available in various sizes and designs.

Shop our comprehensive collection and buy Tatami mats or a Bamboo rug for your sacred space. Quantity discount pricing is available on most Tatami mats. See the discount schedule on the information page of the mat you are interested in.

Chopa Zen Home & Gift has been a trusted provider of Tatami mats in the USA since 1994. Shop with confidence.