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Japanese Yukatas and Kimono for Men, Women, and Children

Chopa proudly offers one of the largest selections available in the USA of Japanese Kimono robes, Yukata, the Kimono Costume, and knee length Happi Coats. The men's and women's Kimono robes, the Yukata, and Happi Coats are made of 100% cotton and imported from Japan.

The Japanese Kimono Robe is one of the hallmarks of Japanese society. Kimono and yukata are also the most widely recognized articles of Japanese clothing. Both our kimono and yukata robes are lightweight cotton robes. Our "premium collection" of these Japanese robes are slightly heavier.

The Yukata, Kimono and Obi combination, and knee-length Happi Coats are comfortable and functional. Many of our customers have purchased these Japanese robes for bridesmaids gifts, nursing robes, loungewear or as a unique gift idea. Find your favorite pattern of Kimono robes or Yukata . Please note that some men's patterns may be considered unisex and can be worn by both men & women. If you are a woman and choose a pattern from the men's section, please be aware the sizing is scaled for men and order a smaller size.

CZ-535P-1.jpgHanu Garden Kimono$69.00 $59.00
CZ-608BK-1.jpgHappi Coat - Zen$49.00 $39.00