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Buddhist Mala - Panch Bhoot

Buddhist Mala beads are a centuries old tool designed to keep the mind focused on the practice of prayer and meditation. Zen Buddhism has a long history utilizing Mala beads to assist in meditation. The symbol of the never ending cycle, each bead in the Mala counts a Sanskrit prayer or mantra in sets of 108 repetitions. Combining tactile and conscious awareness, the beads are moved sequentially in rhythm with breathing. Each mantra centers and stills the mind, allowing the focus to be on the meaning of the mantra rather than counting the repetitions. Each time the mantra is repeated, the fingers move to the next bead. When using a Mala repeatedly, it is believed to take on the energy of the mantra that is being recited.

The Mala prayer bead is an essential tool in Buddhism and meditation. Our traditional Buddhist Mala contains 108 beads. The type of gemstone combined with a specific mantra is thought to have special properties that empower healing, a better sense of well-being and spiritual growth.

This Buddhist Mala Panchbhoot is unique and is made with five elements, each representing the prime elements of our physical body - Prithvi, Vaayu, Jal, Agni, and Aakaash (earth, air, water, fire, and sky). The panch bhoot mala combines the auspicious energies of Rosewood (Lal chandan), Lotus seed (Thamarai mani), Rudraksha, Quartz crystal and Tulsi beads. These divine substances are thought to attract many positive energies while protecting from negative energies.

Rosewood is believed to have the special property of shielding the wearer from the negative energy of Saturn, or Sani. Lotus seeds are sacred to Sri Lakshmi Devi and magnify the benefit of chanting any Devi mantras. Rudraksha is sacred to Lord Siva, giving blessings for deep meditation and inner peace. Quartz crystal is especially sacred to Sri Saraswati Devi and aids in inner purification. Tulsi is sacred to Lord Vishnu and his incarnations, like Lord Rama or Lord Krishna; tulsi increases pure love and devotion.

When wearing the panch bhoot mala next to the skin, it is believed to send special blessings to the wearer. It is considered auspicious to wear the Panch Bhoot Mala during sacred activities such as meditation or puja, attending a homa or visiting a temple. Whether used for japa or worn as a sacred necklace, the Panch Bhoot Mala is thought to aid in the release of all negativity and attract spiritual enlightenment, deepening of meditation and a greater awareness of the divine. With each new mantra and prayer recited with the Panch Bhoot Mala, it is thought the more divine energy you will attract into your life for peace, truth and loving compassion.

This full sized Buddhist Prayer Mala necklace is handcrafted. It is strung with 9 wire nylon thread for strength and durability and made the traditional way with a knot between each bead. Beads vary between 7mm and 8mm. A free Mala bag is included to store and protect your beads. Due to the natural materials used, the color and the size of the beads may vary slightly.

Product code : DV-PM

Price: $29.00

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