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Ikebana Frame Vase

Clearance, just a couple remain. Last chance before they are gone forever. Ikebana is a centuries old Japanese art form of flower arrangement which brings special regard to balance, harmony and form. The art is based on simple linear construction and appreciation of the subtle beauty of flowers and natural materials such as branches and stems.

The Ikebana vase is a key element of the overall composition. Distinctively designed in the shape of a picture frame, this handcrafted ceramic vase offers contemporary Japanese style with modern functionality. Glazed with an iron ash, dark matte green finish, no two are exactly alike. The vase has one opening in the front, and three openings in the back, providing artistic opportunities. One kenzan frog is included to hold the stems securely in place. The vase measures approximately 8" tall, 6" wide and is 3" deep at the base. Handcrafted in the USA.

SALE $14.95(Reg. $39.00)