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Ikebana Lotus Vase - Ivory

Ikebana is a centuries old Japanese art form which brings together nature and humanity through flower arranging. The Ikebana vase is a key element of the overall composition and this fine porcelain vase is hand-crafted and hand-glazed in a Lotus Flower shape by skilled artisans. This vase has rich blended shades of ivory and a soft sea green extending from the base to the softly folded outer edges. The vase has a kenzan frog which holds the stems securely and keeps your blooms fresh for up to three weeks. As they are hand-crafted, no two are exactly alike creating a unique Ikebana sculpture for any flower arrangement. The vase measures 3" at the base, 6" at the top and is 3 1/2" in height. Makes a perfect gift!


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