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Pendulum - Seven Chakras

Using a pendulum and reading pendulum energy is one of the oldest methods of obtaining information intuitively. The healing pendulum is a highly reliable communication tool between the subconscious mind and electromagnetic fields of the aura. It acts as a powerful antenna that receives vibrational information from the energy waves present in all things.

The chakra healing pendulum is an important tool to assess the status of the seven main energy systems known as chakras.

The use of crystals and stones in a pendulum has also evolved through research among scientists such as Einstein, DaVinci, and the infamous General Patton whom all used pendulums with great accuracy. By refining and polishing gemstones into various shapes, the stones became better conduits of intelligence and spiritual enlightenment.

This six faceted pendulum is comprised of seven layers of stone, each representing a chakra and the power points of life force in the body that circulate the energy.

The pendulum contains amethyst which assists meditation and promotes calming and intuition. Labradorite is a stone of transformation that imparts strength and perseverance through times of change. It is believed to balance and protect the aura, raise consciousness and act as a grounding tool. Lapis is a powerful healing stone thought to bring mental clarity, emotional healing and to enhance relationships through harmony and communication. Aventurine is also a power stone known for promoting abundance, luck and prosperity. It is also believed to be a healing stone relieving stress, anxiety and emotional pain. Golden quartz provides relief from anxiety, fatigue and worry. Rose quartz is the stone of love and healing and attracts unconditional love. It opens the heart, encouraging forgiveness and kindness. Bloodstone is a protection stone. It facilitates the removal blocked energy and promotes alignment of all the energy centers.

The pendulum measures 1 78" long and hangs on a 7" chain with a clear quartz bead on the end. Colors may vary slightly as natural stones are unique and one of a kind.


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