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RIKYU Cast Iron Tea Pot -Bamboo

Tetsubin or Cast Iron Tea Pots were first used in Japan as kettles to boil water over an open fire. They were hung above a hearth to provide heat and humidity in cold weather. In the mid-19th century, as infused teas became popular, brewing and serving tea to friends and family in a Tetsubin also became very popular.

This beautifully crafted RIKYU Cast Iron Tea Pot is embossed with swaying bamboo. The bright green glaze is hand applied. This unique art form has been practiced for centuries in Asia. It holds 45 fluid ounces and has a removable tea stainless steel strainer. The inside is coated with a black enamel. It measures approximately 7" in diameter with a 21" outer circumference and the height is 4" tall.

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