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Radiant Mind

Teachings & Practices to Awaken Unconditioned Awareness.

Audio Learning Course, 7 CD's. Author: Peter Fenner, PhD.

The social conditioning of our culture often creates barriers for Western practitioners that even the most advanced Eastern masters have never personally encountered. Find a refreshing way of living life and relating to others!

With Radiant Mind, Peter Fenner, an expert in Eastern psychologies and longtime student of many Tibetan masters, offers you an effective, practical approach for Western students seeking to directly experience and cultivate the healing power of non-dual awakening.

Drawing upon decades of experience as a non-dual therapist and Buddhist scholar, Fenner guides you on your journey through each step on the road to enlightenment.

Peter Fenner has taught thousands how to attain a state known as the ultimate medicine, one in which we abide in tranquility, free from the pressures of our desires and fears.

Program Highlights:
Specific techniques to track and expand the depth, duration, and purity of your non-dual experience.

How to bring yourself back to the now when your mind wanders.

Conscious communication: learning to speak and listen with pure openness.

Are you meditating? How a daily meditation practice helps you dissolve fixations and fears.

Can you stop meditating? What to do when your practice becomes a fixation of its own.

Discovering natural meditation: the place where deep serenity and openness unfold naturally and effortlessly.

Guided meditations and visualizations.

Audio Learning Course, 7 CD's, Running Time: 7 Hours, 45 Minutes, 23 page Study Guide.
ISBN: 9781591796077

Product code : H-96077

Reg Price: $69.95Sale Price: $19.97

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