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Shoyeido Incense Gift Bag

Clearance sale, limited quantities remain.

This Shoyeido incense gift bag includes three bundles of Shoyeido's Magnifiscents incense in a silk organdy bag. This set includes one bundle each of Amethyst-Balance, Diamond-Power, and Ruby-Strength.

Diamond ~ Power: Frankincense, a dominant ingredient in this popular scent, creates refreshment and energy. Also contains sandalwood, cinnamon and ginger lily.

Ruby ~ Strength: This lively fragrance imparts a positive atmosphere in the midst of busy affairs. Features cinnamon, sandalwood, saussurea and patchouli.

Amethyst ~ Balance: Smooth and elegant, like silk, Amethyst evokes a peaceful atmosphere. Contains sandalwood, cinnamon, saussurea and spices.

Bag measures 3 1/2" by 8". Each bundle contains 40 Japanese incense sticks and a ceramic holder. Sticks measure 5 1/4" long.

Clearance sale, sorry no returns/exchanges.

SALE $8.97(Reg. $19.95)