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The Way of the Brush

The Way of the Brush -Painting Techniques of China and Japan.

The Way of the Brush is a comprehensive and illuminating examination of the technique, style and traditions of Chinese and Japanese ink Painting. It is wonderfully illustrated with over 250 paintings and packed with instructions covering every aspect of the art from brush strokes, composition, and painting surface to the meaning, perspective and artistic philosophy.

Part one delves into lessons concerning the elements, techniques and principles while Part Two is devoted to notes on technical matters and basic problems of the art. Also included are three appendices and a full bibliography.

The author, Fritz van Briessen traveled widely in Asia and lived in Shanghai, Peking and Tokyo. He actively pursued a lifelong interest in Oriental painting including several years of intensive study with the Peking landscape painter P'u Ch'uan and possessed a unique insight into the art.

Softcover. 329 Pages. ISBN# 0804831947.


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