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Tibetan Prayer Wheel - Table Top

Beautifully detailed and richly symbolic in Tibetan - Buddhist prayer rituals, this prayer wheel contains complete prayer mantras wrapped inside. The most common mantra is carved on the wheel: "Om Mani Padme Hum".

A universal Buddhist interpretation of this mantra separates each syllable:

OM - A holy and spiritual sound. With this mantra, it represents generosity and purifies pride and the ego.

MA - Represents ethics and purifies jealousy and lust for entertainment.

NI - Represents patience and purifies passion and desire.

PAD - Represents diligence and purifies ignorance and prejudice.

ME - Represents renunciation and purifies greed and possessiveness.

HUM - Represents wisdom and purifies aggression and hatred.

Reciting "Om Mani Padme Hum" helps you take the path of wisdom to purify your speech and body and achieve the mind of a Buddha.

When turning the Buddhist prayer wheel clockwise, the prayers are multiplied and radiate outward to the world bringing spiritual merits and divine blessings.

This table top prayer wheel is made in Nepal and measures 6" tall and 3" at its base.

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Product code : RH-MR18

Reg Price: $39.00Sale Price: $12.00

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