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Tibetan Meditation Shawl

Meditation shawls have been used for hundreds of years for meditation practice and as prayer shawls in many religions around the world.

A meditation shawl is intended to surround and comfort a person during meditation. Meditation blankets hold the energy that accumulates during practice, which helps keep the mind clear and focused. As the body cools down during meditation, the shawl provides warmth, which calms the body and keeps you on your path of wellness.

This meditation shawl is made in India of a soft, viscose-poly blend fabric. Each corner of the shawl is embroidered with a Dharma Wheel, an auspicious Buddhist symbol representing Buddha himself. It represents the endless cycle of birth, death and rebirth. The eight spokes of the wheel represent the Eight-Fold path Buddha set out in his teachings and means wisdom. The rim or circle represents concentration and the hub symbolizes moral discipline. This shawl is available in burgundy and measures 35" wide and 95" long.

Product code : TA-Medshwl

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Tibetan Meditation Shawl
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Tibetan Meditation Shawl
average rating 100%
Keeps me warm
I use this shawl on cooler days and it keeps me warm and comfortable. It is lighter weight, which I like and it is very soft. I am able to focus on my thoughts rather than feeling cold.