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Tibetan Singing Bowl Set - Large

Hand pounded brass Tibetan singing bowl with wooden striker and bowl cushion. Measuring approximately 6" in diameter, each bowl is one of a kind and hand selected for its high quality harmonic overtones. The physical sound of Tibetan singing bowls produces an extraordinarily harmonizing and powerful vehicle for meditation. Made in India. Cushion and wooden mallet included.
Cushion colors and mallet style may vary.

How to Use:

Place bowl in the palm of your hand. Hold the wooden striker in your other hand, pointing down toward the bowl. Strike the side of the bowl at the rim. In a clockwise motion, touch the side of the bowl with the mallet, at the rim as the bowl is still sounding, and "pick up" the tone, carrying it around the top rim of the bowl. Adjust pressure and speed as you rub the dowel around the bowl rim. Through practice you will learn about the varying nuances, and become proficient in making it sing. Listen for overtones and lighten if the sound dampens. A great accessory for your meditation, yoga or spiritual practice.

Listen to the bowl here:


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