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Tingshas With 8 Auspicious Symbols

Tibetan tingsha cymbals for meditation, space clearing and toning.

These hand casted tingsha display the eight Auspicious symbols. In Buddhism, these symbols of good fortune represent the offerings made by the gods to Shakyamuni Buddha when he discovered enlightenment. Made from a heavy weight, five metal compound that produces a distinctive resonating sound. Often meditation practitioners use tingsha to mark the beginning and end of meditation practice.

The cymbals are made by skilled Tibetan metal workers in the refugee community of Lingtsang, in northern India. The tingsha measure 3" in diameter and are attached by a leather cord.

Space clearing with tingshas is part of the practice of feng shui, to eliminate negative energy. Stress, anxiety and other emotions leave negative vibrations in our space. Walking slowly through the perimeter of a room while playing the tingsha bells is believed to chase away bad energy. Many practitioners prefer hand cymbals as an alternative to smudging, because of sensitivities to smoke.

Toning with tingshas is the practice of healing through sound. Allowing the body to absorb the resonating vibrations brings calm and helps you clear your mind while improving your focus. Toning has been compared to be a mental massage. Tingsha toning integrates well with meditation and can help you stay mentally fit.

Product code : HTP-8ASYM

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