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Writing and Enjoying Haiku

Writing and Enjoying Haiku - A Hands on Guide illustrates how Haiku can bring a centered, calming atmosphere into one's life by focusing on the outer realities of life instead of the naggings of the inner mind. Through gaining a new appreciation for the world of nature and by preserving moments, days, and events so that they are not lost forever in the passage of time, haiku is a means of discovering and recording the miracles of the world and providing new direction to a better life.

Following exploration of why the reading and writing of haiku is important from a spiritual point of view, the book illustrates the techniques of writing; the when, the where, punctuation and capitalization, choice of words, figures of speech, sharing your haiku, and much more.

Having come this far, having learned to read and write haiku with a discerning mind, the reader will never again look upon the world in quite the same way.

Paperback: 168 pages. ISBN:9784770028860


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