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Bells & Chimes

We offer many meditation chimes and gongs for your sacred space or garden. Sound calms and helps us focus. Chimes are also popular sound tools for group meditation. They are often used to sound the beginning or end of a session or yoga class. Our zenergy chimes are finished with ash wood and have silver polish aluminum rods. You may like the Awakening Bell which can be played in two ways: by striking the rod with the mallet or by rubbing it like a singing bowl. The chimes and meditation bell on this page all come with a mallet.

Another option are tingsha cymbals which are traditionally used in prayer and meditation by Buddhist practitioners. The resonant sound reminds us to stop, be quiet and breathe. Portable and easy to use, these hand cymbals are a great addition to your meditation supplies. Tingsha bells are a wonderful tool for space clearing. Their clear sound fills a space, dispels negative energy and invites peace and clarity to any room. Tingsha are also used in toning, the practice of healing with sound, by allowing sound vibrations to be absorbed into the body.

Awakening bellAwakening Bell$109.00 $89.00
meditation bellMeditation Bell$36.00 $29.00
NAT-RG-1.jpgJapanese Rin Gongs$39.00 $32.00
zenergy chime miniZenergy Chime Mini$8.95 $6.00
woodstock zenergy chime soloZenergy Chime$10.95 $8.00
WS-ZENE-1.jpgZenergy Chime Ebony$12.95 $8.00
zenergy chime duoZenergy Chime - Duo$16.50 $12.00
zenergy chime trioZenergy Chime - Trio$24.95 $19.00
woodstock zenergy chime quintetZenergy Chime Quintet$38.00 $28.00