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Black Singing Bowl - Large

In the Tibetan tradition, these large singing bowls create powerful sound to connect to your inner consciousness during meditation.

These etched meditation singing bowls feature the 5 Dhyani Buddha on the inside believed to represent the five qualities of the Buddha. Each Buddha is believed to be capable of overcoming a particular evil with a particular good. The Five Dhyani Buddha, also known as Wisdom Buddhas, are aspects of the "truth-body" or dharmakaya. Ignorance, anger, pride, obsessiveness, and jealously are all transformed by enlightenment into elements of wisdom .

The striker can be tapped gently on the side of the bowl, which will produce a ringing sound, similar to a bell. The mallet can also be run along the rim of the bowl to produce a hum. With each pass, the tone will intensify and the bowl will 'sing'. Our large singing bowls are easily used by beginners as well as experienced practitioners.

These meditation singing bowls are made in India. The bowl measures 9 1/2" in diameter and is 5" tall. A mallet is included which measures 7 1/2" inches long. and 1" in diameter. Makes a great meditation gift!

Product code : B-SBA5

Price: $89.00

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