Amethyst Jewelry – The Perfect Elixir for the Winter Blues?

amethyst crystal necklaceIt seems like this time of year everyone starts thinking about spring.  With the official start of spring just a month away, women start looking for ways to introduce more color to their wardrobes.  The February birthstone, amethyst, offers more than just a burst of violet color; it has a host of healing qualities that transcend the ordinary.  It is precisely these powers that have made the amethyst such a well-known and sought after stone.

Both striking and elegant, the amethyst gemstone necklace shown here makes a memorable statement.  It is handcrafted from genuine polished amethyst gemstones and strung on a 17” long necklace with a 3” extender.  But don’t think that only women with February birthdays can wear amethyst.  Of all the birthstones for sale, amethyst is one of the most popular because of its brilliant and lustrous color.

For centuries, the amethyst has been thought to have certain properties that empower healing, provide a sense of well-being and encourage spiritual growth. A powerful stone of the mind, it promotes self-realization, inner attunement and personal transformation.

Whether one chooses a glamorous amethyst necklace, eclectic amethyst bracelet or delicate earrings, this unique form of violet quartz makes a definitive wardrobe statement.  In addition to being the birthstone for many an Aquarius or Pisces woman, it is also the traditional 6th Anniversary gemstone.

The Properties of Amethyst

People who wear amethyst jewelry or carry an amethyst crystal may not realize it; but they are stimulating the Third Eye and Crown Chakras.  Amethyst is also connected with the planet Jupiter and the element of the air.  Long prized as an amulet or ornament, its most common application in the ancient world was the prevention of drunkenness.  Few collectors realize that the origin of the word amethyst is from the Greek word “amethystos,” meaning “non-intoxicating.”

Amethyst has also been long associated with religious practices in many cultures, starting with the Egyptian Book of the Dead.  In it, devotees were instructed place a heart-shaped amethyst on the body of the deceased.  The amethyst is spoken of as one of the many gemstones seen in the gates and foundations of Heaven.

The Chaldean Magi used the amethyst to protect against all sorts of evil sorcery, believing that it brought them good luck and access to hidden knowledge.

At one time, the Chinese would rent pieces of amethyst when involved in a lawsuit to gain a more positive outlook and thus more favorable outcome.

What can an amethyst do today?

While not everyone is a believer in metaphysical healing, the amethyst has a strong contingent of people who believe it has power, particularly against psychic attack.  Many New Agers believe it can protect them from geopathic and electromagnetic stresses as well.  Amethyst is often seen as a natural tranquilizer with the power to soothe irritability, dispel anxiety and balance mood swings.  In addition to relieving day-to-day stress, it can also be a subtle anti-depressant with the ability to alleviate grief, sadness and negativity.  Some say amethyst also helps to enhance memory and remember dreams.

With all of these qualities, it is a wonder that amethyst isn’t the top-selling gemstone in the world; but very few people study the metaphysical properties of crystals.  Healers who focus on the chakras of the body will often use amethyst to boost hormone production or stimulate the endocrine system.  It has been known to strengthen the immune system and relieve pain from headaches and tension.  People who suffer from injuries have used amethyst to relieve swelling and bruising, plus it has been effective in healing respiratory and skin conditions.

Many women start wearing amethyst simply because it’s their birthstone or because they love the color, but it doesn’t take long before they learn about the healing properties of this popular quartz.

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