Becoming your Best Self

Sara Wiseman is an internationally recognized Spiritual teacher, author, intuitive, and musician. Having experienced a spiritual awakening and transformation in 2008, she has since devoted her life to helping others find their path of soul growth. She has taught and worked privately as a spiritual teacher for thousands of clients around the world. Ms. Wiseman is much more than an author. She offers an array of coaching, teaching and guidance. Among her services are Intuitive Readings, Clarity Coaching, E-Mail Readings and Intuitive Training. She is also a vocalist and songwriter for the Martyrs of Sound musical group, creators of amazing Healing Music.

Among the books she has written, one of our favorites is Becoming Your Best Self: The Guide to Clarity, Inspiration and Joy. Becoming Your Best Self is a practical and informative book on using and improving your intuition. What if you could receive Divine guidance at any time? What if you could clearly see your highest potential? What if you could heal the past, live joyfully in the present, and manifest your dreams in the future? In this insightful book, Sara shows how you can, by using your intuition, even if you have never used it before.

She will teach you how to establish a direct connection with the Divine that will raise your vibration, heal your heart, allow instant access to the Universal information, and transform your life in the process.
We invite you to read her book and learn more about Sara by visiting her website at Sign up for her blogs about spirituality, intuition, life’s path, life’s purpose, soul growth, healing and so much more.

She also hosts her own Radio show, ASK SARA on Wednesdays and Fridays. As Sara describes it, “Two shows, two days, two ways to grow. It’s you and me with our hair down…and it’s fun!”

Ask Sara can be found Wednesdays, 4PM (PST) on CBS SKY RADIO, Call in Live at 248-545-SOUL.

Her second show is available on Contact Talk Radio (CTR) on Friday’s at 11:00AM (PST). Call in Live at 877-230-3062.
With over 1.5 million listeners on CBS The Sky and over 60,000 subscribers on CTR, you can join the fun by calling in for free readings, advice and to ask questions about your own path.

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