September is National Yoga Month so it seems fitting to talk about it and provide information about the various types of Yoga. Yoga is the epitome of mind over muscle. Holding any yoga pose takes strength and flexibility and the ability to do so requires you to stay focused and concentrate. Use this guide to choose which of the most popular types of yoga best suits you and allows you to “be in the moment”.

Restorative Yoga This type of Yoga is full of relaxing poses that you do lying down with support from blankets or bolsters. You will rest in each pose for several minutes and may be led in guided meditation. Try Restorative Yoga is stress is keeping you up at night or giving you headaches. If your goal is weight loss, you might want to read further.

Kundalini Yoga Your focus with this type of Yoga is on breath, non-traditional movements and Eastern Philosophy. Instructors often wear white, use gongs with an emphasis on balancing the body’s energy. You will love Kundalini if you want a spiritual experience as well as a workout. There often is a lot of philosophy and singing.

Lyengar Yoga This is a slow class that focuses on alignment by having you hold poses for several minutes. You will need to break down all of the poses and focus on proper form in order to prevent injury. Expect some spirituality woven in; this type of Yoga is for you particularly if you are a perfectionist—exactitude is key.
Bikram Yoga 26 poses done in 105 degree heat helps you stretch. If you like pushing your body to extremes and sweating a lot—this yoga is for you. This is not recommended if you are sensitive to heat, have high blood pressure or are nursing an injury. No added philosophy here.

Ashtanga Yoga This is a fast paced, athletic practice that links each movement to an inhale or exhale. There is a series of movements which you can memorize and go at your own pace. If you enjoy routine and a high caloric burn, you will love this type of Yoga.

Vinyasa Yoga This is a “power yoga” class. A flow of continuous movements, classes move fast to music and can vary from strictly posing to several minutes of chanting.

Choose a Yoga Style to build strength, find inner peace or both!

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