Chopa Adds 30 New Titles of Meditation Books, CDs and DVDs!

Chopa is known for being the leader in Zen home décor and Zen-inspired living, with an unparalleled selection of Shoji room dividers, Japanese furniture, garden fountains, kimonos and meditation gongs, among many other Japanese and Zen items in our online store.  One would expect a purveyor of “all things Zen” to sell quite a few books, DVDs and CDs on meditation and yoga, but up until recently Chopa has had a very small selection of these.

Now, thanks to our recent inventory expansion, Chopa is proud to offer a whole new line of books, CDs and DVDs that will teach you how to properly meditate.  Several other yoga meditation books are available on this new section of the site.    Now, in addition to finding great gift ideas and terrific new home furnishings, you can count on Chopa for Buddhist meditation CDs, or a book on how to meditate for beginners.

Perhaps you have always just dabbled in meditation but now you want to delve into it and learn everything there is to know.  Or, maybe you have finally finished decorating that tatami room and you’re ready to start using it every day for quiet meditation.  Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, chances are that Chopa has a meditation book, CD or DVD to help you stay motivated and informed.

Now, more than ever, you can rely on Chopa as your primary source for Asian-inspired Zen products.   Chopa has just added 30 new titles of meditation and yoga books, CDs and DVDs to the store, most of which are focused around meditation and self-help, including healing and mental calming techniques.

One of my favorites is “Zen and the Art of Happiness”, a book that shows how we can create happiness through the enlightenment that comes from practicing a Zen state of mind.  Another top selling item is the I-Ching Gift Set, which includes the latest edition of I Ching: The Book of Answers, as well as 50 yarrow stalks from Northeast China and a step-by-step picture guide to help you access ancient wisdom.

Even more new products are in the works, and they will be flooding into the site over the coming weeks.  Be sure to check our “New Arrivals” page for details!

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